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December 8, 2022

Blood Sucker

Experience Real Thrill, Suspense, and Fear

Best Online Casino Gaming Station for Vampire Lovers. Blood Sucker is a unique game that gives its users a scary feeling but a vivid slot gaming experience to its players. The animated vampire characters and icons give the players more grace and reasons to play. The game has unique features, but its core gameplay is the Spin Wheel.

Bloody Bonus

Blood Suckers offers a luck-based bonus game. This game is based on the animatronic “Vampire in Coffin”, which has been telecast for the 2011 Halloween season. The bonus game resembles a vampire lying down in a coffin. Clicking on any of the coffin boxes within the bonus game will give the player a certain number of game tokens.

The total number of reward game tokens and the user’s chance count will be shown on the scoreboard.


  • Free Spins
  • Bonus Game
  • Chat Support
  • Solution Focused

Reveal the real player inside you

Blood Sucker is the ultimate game that offers the players a chance to play for real fun and cash. This game gives you the natural feel and stakes through vampires’ hearts to save the world from the demonic plague. The gameplay at the end delivers a classic and spooky environment that gives you the authentic feel of having real uncanny vampires around you.

Advantages of playing Slot game “Blood Sucker”

  • Mobility – You can play a game from the comfort of your own home at any time because it is a slot game that is supported by both Android and iOS.
  • Unique Theme – Blood Sucker is one of the few slots that feature vampires, and the superb graphics, together with the creepy soundtrack, will increase the gamers excitement.
  • Bonus features – To keep the game interesting for the gamers, the game contains a free spin bonus round as well as chat support for the players.

Blood Suckers stands out as one of the slots games that offers high-value winning potential to players while also sporting a chilling gruesome theme with vampires. The game is inexpensive. Overall, Blood Suckers is recommended to slot game enthusiasts who have yet to try this unusual slot.


The number of boxes a player can tap on is determined by the number of bonus icons that appear on the slot reel during a certain slot spin.

There will be 75 pay lines in the game, and players will always pay for max of them.

Yes, you may win real money at CosmoSlots VIP by playing online Blood Sucker casino game. You can also take benefits of all of the bonuses and promotions that are available on the platform to increase your winnings.

We understand that you want to withdraw your earnings as soon as the paylines light up, therefore we compiled a list of ways for the fastest payouts. Check it out before you play Blood Sucker.

The gameplay towards the end creates a vintage and eerie environment that gives you the actual sense of being surrounded by weird vampires. This is the uniqueness of this Blood Sucker game.