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December 8, 2022

Epic Roma


A perfect & action-packed theme game for our real players and gamers. Welcome to the Kingdom of Epic Roma. Epic Roma is one of the unique revenge-driven action dramas now played as Online Casino Slot Games. Players love to play this game as it drives them to pick their arms to win prizes and bonuses. The game’s theme, sound, and animation are based on the ancient Roman era of Coliseum fights. Epic Roma and its features take you back to ancient Rome, where you could feel like a Roman warrior. The game comprises many spectacular gaming features like free spins, multipliers, bonus games, jackpots, and other exciting prizes.

Coliseum Bonus

Epic Roma offers an interesting skill-based Coliseum bonus game based on some sort of Coliseum or arena. The player will behave as a gladiator in this game and feel virtually present in the roman Coliseum. The player will have to protect themselves from being attacked by the weapons coming from the upper part of the screen. The gladiator can get hit by the weapons a maximum of 3 times.

The bonus will be paid as game tokens based on the combination of the time period for which the player survives the bonus round & the number of times the gladiator gets hit by the weapons.


  • Gaming Challenges to Win Big
  • Real Games for Real Players
  • Influential gaming console for all
  • Ancient Historical gaming experience

Electrifying Ancient Roman Games

The aesthetic visuals of the Epic Roma game empower the players to play the games with a perspective beyond their imagination. The game is specifically designed for players who accept the challenges and win them all. The Roman elements add entertainment enriched with history to the lives of our players. The motto of Epic Roma is to bring ancient gaming experience back to the player’s life with fun-filled adventures, challenges, and irresistible pleasures.