June 5, 2020


Everything else can wait, Agriculture can’t

Get Into the Farmer’s Shoes to Understand It Deeply. Farm Riches is a theme-based farm game that encompasses everything related to farming. It is a combination of one of the most popular themes of games. The slots here include domestic animals and vegetables. The background score of Farm Riches is made up of adorable animals playing on the farm, including chickens, pigs, and more. This game’s aesthetic graphics and acoustics will transport the player to farmland.


Chicken and the eggs is a luck-based bonus game. This theme is very popular and various cartoons are made with this type of plot, in which one or more eggs go missing from a chicken’s nest, and the chicken reacts with an amusing alarm and tries to find the lost eggs. This famous pattern is used in the bonus game to attract players. The objective of the bonus game is to get a reward by choosing the chicken nest. 

There are 9 chicken nests available in the bonus game, with Golden eggs, Silver eggs, Bronze eggs, and Rotten eggs in their nests. The player must select one of the chickens to make them stand and earn exciting rewards based on their eggs.

Good to Know

  • You get to win massive Jackpots
  • Exciting luck-based bonus game
  • It is unique from different games
  • Learn various aspects of farming

Never Underestimate the Power of Farming Game

Farm Riches is an amazing slot-based game where farming is only a tiny piece of the gameplay pie. The players will be offered an excellent plot of land where they can run slots; the game also authorizes the players to make the most of other activities in the form of a bonus game in this sublime fantasy world. Apart from the visually appealing farming background score, you can also relish thrilling sound effects. Moreover, with every win in Farm riches, you get more chances of becoming a frequent winner.