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December 6, 2022

Golden Dust


A hero need not speak; his stories will speak for him when he is gone! Interesting Life of Pablo Escobar

Experience the roller-coaster ride of the life of drug-lord Pablo Escobar, which offers you various reasons to experience the thrill while playing this sweepstakes game. Pablo Escobar produced and distributed golden dust and became a billionaire through unlawful activities. If you enjoy thrilling action games, this slot game is the right match for you as it maintains excitement while you run the slots.

Do or Die / Smuggle Fun

This bonus game is designed based on these two facts below:

  • Pablo Escobar was undoubtedly most famous drug-lord.
  • He mostly used to smuggle things by airplane.

Golden Dust offers a skill-based bonus game explicitly designed to represent Pablo’s style of smuggling through an airplane. Through the evacuation slide of the planes, some bags of gold and diamond will start sliding from the exit door. The players will be offered two controls on either side of the stick attached to the bottom end of the evacuation slide. The players need to separate the things on either the gold or diamond bags by using the right and left buttons so that the stick will hit the things on both sides. To know more about the games challenging part, play now.

Why Golden Dust?

Golden Dust is made for players and gamers seeking interest in games stuffed with suspense, thrill, and excitement. The game involves all the essential characters of the famous Netflix series Narcos. Every character has its significance in the game, and the sound effects and background score will teleport you to Pablo Escobar’s era of domination in Medellín in Medellín Columbia. So, spin online, play Golden Dust casino slots, the game of your kind, and win huge.

Bonus Game

Games are incomplete unless it has electrifying bonus offerings and free tokens.

Do or Die Challenges

The game brings excitement to your spins which will help you win big rewards.

Lifelines to Hit

Explore and discover the lifelines offered to you from the start to the end of your game.

Free Spins

Spin the wheel and expand your game with surprising spins and jackpots.

Golden Dust Gameplay:

Golden Dust contains 5 reels in a 5×3 grid, 50 paylines, and is perhaps one of CosmoSlots’ best designed and most engaging slot games. There’s a lot of explosive action that starts with the standard symbol combinations. These are classified as high, medium, and low payments. Also, the game provides a Jackpot for its players.

The game will have Wild, Bonus, and Scatter symbols, which will assist players in winning large payouts on their bets. It also has a unique element called Lifeline Hits, which allows players to explore and discover lifelines from the beginning to the end of their games.


The game is based on Pablo Escobar, a cult figure in the history of the US drug war, and this slot is based on the Netflix Narcos series, with all the main characters appearing as symbols on the reels.

The game will contain 50 paylines, and players will bet on all of them at all times.

At least 3 scatter symbols anywhere on the reels trigger the free spins feature in the Golden Dust Slot Game.

If any human character icon or an automobile sign appears on a single payline, the Jackpot is triggered.

Yes, you may win real money by playing the Golden Dust game at CosmoSlots VIP online. You may also boost your revenue by utilizing all the platform’s incentives and promos.