Ocean Bombard Fish Game - Cosmoslots VIP
July 8, 2023

Ocean Bombard Fish Game

Choose your target and shoot to get massive rewards.

Ocean Bombard games are one of the most popular and enjoyable forms of real-money gambling options. it’s an online casino game, you can play them from the comfort of your own zone. Are you arranged to bounce in and shoot your way to wealth? Prepare to shoot fish, sharks, and stingrays in order to disclose prizes. You’ll enjoy this exciting undersea adventure theme at CosmoSlots VIP.

The Fish game will feature many varieties of little and large fish on a table with an aquatic backdrop. Shooting and killing fish is always entertaining. The fish would have problems with features. The weirdest fish theme game is ready for users all around the world.


Features of the Ocean Bombard Fish Game

  • Four players can join the table at the same time to play the game.
  • If all users hit the same fish, only one user will receive the award for striking the fish with the last bullet.
  • Aquatic plants and other items such as stones and rocks will be used to embellish the table.

Uniqueness of the Ocean Bombard Fish Game

This game offers its players two bonus games within the game: (1) Wheel of Fortune Bonus Game and (2) Treasure Bonanza Bonus Game.

The Aqua Fortune slot machine game takes you on an undersea adventure you won’t soon forget. Every aspect of the Aqua Fortune slot game is distinct and adds to the user experience. The actual attraction, though, is the game’s design. It’s amazing to watch the various aquatic creatures spin on the reels. With these features, it’s clear to conclude that Aqua Fortune is truly unique.

Wheel of Fortune Bonus Game Instructions

  • To activate the wheel spin bonus game, the player must hit and destroy the wheel icon.
  • The wheel is divided into two parts: the inner wheel and the outer wheel.
  • The inner wheel contains 12 reward slots with two sorts of awards (Tokens and Free Bullets), while the outer wheel contains a multiplier.
  • The center of the wheel will feature a spin button, and the player will only have one chance to spin.
  • When the player presses the spin button, the inner wheel begins to spin. When you stop, the outer wheels spin.
  • The multiplier for the outer wheel will be applied to any winners from the inner wheel.

Treasure Bonanza Game Instruction

  • To start the bonus game, the player must hit and destroy the treasure bonus icon.
  • There will be five treasure chests put beneath the water.
  • The player must tap on the box to open it. In a bonus game session, just one box will be opened.

It’s unquestionably the most popular online gambling fish game, and it’s a lot of fun to play. Great amazing gameplay, graphics, and some massive Fish Catch bonuses place it in a class by itself.

These factors combine to create Fish Catch, the most popular fish gambling game right now. There’s also a small degree of talent involved here, which adds to the excitement. So don’t miss a chance to win on this skill-based fish game.