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December 8, 2022

Retro Rodeo


So Just Set the Goal and Run Fast to Achieve Them! Make The Racetrack Your Happy Place
Rodeo is one of the planet’s oldest games, the planet, founded by the Spain and Mexican cowboy Association. There are here are various types of games in Rodeo type slot games. Such online slot games mostly use bulls and horses in games. Mexicans consider the Rodeo game-winning as their pride. Followed by the Mexicans, all the other countries like America have joined them.

Barrel Race Fun

The most exciting and surprising element of The Retro Rodeo is a skill-based mini-bonus bonus game. This game will take you to the actual barrel racing ground, where you can use your skills to win the game. The player’s ultimate objective is to make the horse icon travel the path from its starting point to the endpoint. To do this, the player must start by dragging his finger from the path’s starting point. The challenging part the horse reaches the end point without touching the walls. There will be a bonus scoreboard placed somewhere on the bonus game screen.

It will have 5 checkpoints marked on the board with predefined game token values assigned to each checkpoint. Based on, how far the user has crossed the path, he will get the bonus game tokens as a reward.


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Live it. Love it. Ride it.

Retro Rodeo combines skill-based and luck-based slot games that makes the players go crazy with its fun and thrills. The gameplay is simple and easy. The game comprises five reels, three rows, 70 pay lines, a skill-based bonus game, and other hidden jackpots and rounds that the players can relish. The theme of this game is mesmerizing and adds fun to its exquisite design and sound effects.