June 5, 2020


A Carnival You Can’t Resist!

Mexico’s Magical A-Fair. Pinata Carnival is a Mexican-themed slot game that has attained maximum popularity because of its opulent and invigorating culture. We cannot complete the story without discussing a Pinata if we are talking about a Mexican carnival, without discussing a Pinata. Children are fond of Pinatas as they are colorful and filled with candies. Multiple festivals are typically celebrated in Mexico for religious and national beliefs and have gained much popularity worldwide.

Pinata Bonus

The Pinata carnival comprises a skill-based bonus game, as Pinata-hitting games are very popular in Mexican festivals. This game is specifically developed to help retain this tradition and authorizes it to be valued. The number of bonus icons that fall on the slot reel during a particular slot spin defines the number of taps a player can make player needs to tap to collect the reward. Clicking on the pinata toy within the bonus game will give the player a certain number of tokens. When the player hits the last chance, the Pinata will completely shatter into many pieces, and all of the coins will fall out.


  • Carnival Theme Game
  • Skill-Based Bonus Game
  • 45 Pay lines
  • Huge Jackpot Reward

Gleaming and Glittering Mexican Fiesta

Pinata Carnival is a rare combination of Mexican festivals with online slot games. Our Game, Pinata Carnival, includes multiple fun elements that can keep you glued to your screens. The spin wheel is the main element of the game, which offers endless rewards. Pinata Carnival can be played for 45 pay lines & players will always play the slot for the max pay lines. The jackpot is the cherry on the cake for this game. Once that Jackpot pot money reaches a specific limit, that money will be rewarded to the player as the jackpot rewards.